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What's the difference?

Today, both traditional publishing and self publishing are available to you as valid ways to get your book published.  We help authors who choose either route.

Traditional Publishing (Submissions page)

With traditional publishing, you submit a proposal or a manuscript to a publisher.  If the your book is a good fit, they may offer to publish your book.   The publisher will arrange for professional editing, cover design, and some marketing.  Royalties, advances, and time from contract to publication can vary considerably by publisher and will depend on the anticipated marketability of your book.  You will be required to take some initiative and participate in marketing activities like book signing events and social media marketing.  Alacrity House Publishing, LLC publishes a limited number of projects in this manner each year.


Look for a traditional publisher if:

*   You prefer to focus on writing rather than the many other facets of book production.

*   You cannot afford the upfront cost of printing and marketing your book yourself.

*   You welcome the experience and resources that a publisher can bring to the professional production and marketing of your book.


Self-Publishing (Self-Publishing Services page)

Self published books have a reputation in some circles for being poorly edited and produced, but this is slowly beginning to change.  We recommend getting some professional help with your project if this is the way you decide to go.


Self publishing is for you if:

*  You want to maintain full control of the way your book is developed, produced, and marketed.

*  You are good at complex project management.

*   You are able to do all of your marketing yourself.

*   You have access to a good editor, book designer, and cover designer.

*   You can afford the upfront cost of printing and marketing your book, or you only want a small number of copies.

*   You do not want to wait for the traditional process of submitting your work to a publisher (or many publishers) to see if they are willing to publish your book.

We offer services for self-publishing authors (Self-Publishing Services page)


More information about traditional publishing with Alacrity House Pubishing LLC (Submissions page)

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