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Submission Guidelines What We Want Alacrity House Publishing, LLC is currently accepting submissions for the following genres:

• Nonfiction and how-to


• Children’s picture books with universal themes about family or social situations and approximately 750 words


• Memoirs or fiction with an emphasis on preservation of heritage

How to Submit

Send your submission  to  Please follow these directions:


1. The subject of your email should be the title of your submission.

2. In the body of your email, write 200-500 words:



• Give a brief summary of your book and tell us why we will want to read it.

• Describe the readers for whom this book is intended.

• Tell us who you are, and why you are qualified to write this book, and describe any previous work you may have had published.

• Let us know if your project is currently on submission with another publisher.



3. Include your phone number.

4. Please make sure you have reviewed your submission for spelling errors before you send it.  Make a good impression.

5. Attach the first two chapters of your submission; or, in the case of children’s pictures books, attach the entire text of your book. (No illustrations.  See What We Don’t Want below.)



What We Don’t Want

Do not send illustrations unless you are an artist. If you have artist-quality illustrations or photos, let us know in your submission email and we will send you instructions if we want to see them later. Do not send us any original copies.  We are not liable for artwork or manuscript submissions and do not return hard copy submissions.


What You Can Expect

We will review every submission carefully.  Please allow 90 days before inquiring about the status of your submission.  We publish a very limited number of submissions each year (no more than 2) so we can only accept the submissions that are the best fit for us.



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